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Alright Sisters! Enough is enough!!

Posted by aragornslove on 2006.09.30 at 16:40
We have not all been online in AGES, nor have we communicated in anyway, all of us, together, in like..a year. It's insane, and has gone on long enough! So I am declaring this:

Each of us are to post with good days that we can all be online. I want times and days, then we will pick one that suites all of us and we shall have a crazy AIM chat, catch up with one another, be crazy, and just have fun. I miss ALL OF YOU!


I am able to get online any night of the week EXCEPT Sunday nights and Tuesday nights. I'm able to be online pretty much any time after seven pm on the other nights.

What about all of you?


Calling all Superheroes!

Posted by novadream on 2006.08.31 at 23:57
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Okay! Me and Jade have made up our super hero personas. This is inspired by Sci Fi's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"

I am Mezmeria and Jade is Mercy!

The two remaining sisters totally don't have to do personas, ofcourse. But I'd just be cool to see. I send out an email last week describing ourselves (and, yes, Aaron is Patriotic Man, LOL!).

I'm hoping for a fanfiction (slow moving, with our busy schedules) some time in the future... like an email round robin.

Think on it and let us know!

A Good Sis Song...

Posted by lastwordslinger on 2006.03.06 at 21:44
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While relistening to the Rent soundtrack, I realized that reason this song ("Finale B") touched me so was because the strength of love these characters have for each other is one I've felt before... With all of you.

And for the benefit of the two sisters who aren't familiar with the song or lyrics:

lyricsCollapse )

Trust me when I say it is an extremely powerful song, and I feel it every time I hear it. Tell me if you agree, twinner. :D

mad impossible

This community is...

Posted by ayzil on 2005.10.11 at 01:15
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